John L. Gleason

John L. Gleason is a nationally known sculptor whose vibrant spirit and generous nature extends to his work. He does not shy from issues in life or in his art. John believes that the function of art is to encourage thought in the artist as well as in the viewer.

As the artist, he finds it important to search out challenges for creativity and composition. He expects his work to be fresh and fascinating to each new viewer. In our chaotic world, his sculptural work in copper and other metals evokes a feeling of comfort.

Through the process of heating established metal compounds, John creates diverse sculptures with 20th century technology. He works in copper, as well as other tactile materials, such as steel, canvas, ceramic and glass.

John’s sculptures have been exhibited many, many times around the world, he is honored to be included in exceptional art collections—public, private, and corporate.

Full curriculum vitae.

His artwork is currently represented by Quan’tum Art, Inc. in Scottsdale, AZ, and Juniper Sky Gallery in Ivins, UT.